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Our mission is to deliver intravenous Vitamed IV and mineral therapy to replace and replenish your body. Our medically trained staff administers vitamins directly into your blood stream. Each Vitamed IV rejuvenation therapy bag is personalized to meet all your health needs. To feel energized and refreshed we provide a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in therapeutic doses to correct and restore balance and deficiencies in the body.


Good Health = Happiness

At VitaMedIV, we believe happiness starts with good health. That’s why we are dedicated to enhancing the overall well being of every client we treat. Our hope is that your experience at VITAMED will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for any challenge you may face. Please feel free to speak to us as we are here to help answer your questions.

Our Process



No copays, no consult fees, schedule appointment.



At your appointment, our medical staff will help determine the best infusion based on your needs.


Relax & Rehydrate

Your Vitamed IV will be administered as you sit back and relax in a comfortable environment. Vitamed IV therapy is completed in 1 hour or less, now enjoy the rest of your day feeling refreshed and replenished.


Should I eat prior to and/or after receiving a drip? 2018-05-02T16:39:06+00:00

We recommend clients have a full stomach and drink plenty of water prior to receiving a drip. We also have a wide variety of snacks and drinks for you as well.

Is it legal for athletes? 2018-04-30T13:47:59+00:00

While many of our clients are athletes, if you are sponsored or have concerns we advise that you check with your coach, sponsor or governing body before treatment.

How Does IV Vitamin Therapy Work? 2018-05-02T16:39:41+00:00

IV hydration works by delivering the hydration and essential nutrients your body craves directly into your bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system means you’ll feel the effect of the fluids, electrolytes and vitamins more quickly and benefit from 100% absorption.

Does IV Vitamin Hurt? 2018-05-02T16:41:26+00:00

Treatments are painless and entail a swift pinch as the needle enters the vein. Most patients state they hardly feel any discomfort at all! Bruising does occur on rare occasion and is a known side effect that occurs in a minority of peripheral IVs. Due to the catheter needing to be inserted into a vein, the venipuncture itself can lead to bruising for a few reasons: patient’s vein anatomy such as angle, size, venous wall fragility, and previous scarring. We minimize this by using high skilled ER & ICU nurses with advanced IV techniques and also standard aftercare instructions for prevention. Our experienced nursing staff will make your IV infusion as pleasant as possible.

Who Administers The Treatments? 2018-02-21T20:50:06+00:00

IV treatments are administered by Board Certified Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physicians.

How Long Until I Feel The Effects of IV Drip? 2018-02-21T20:52:30+00:00

Depending on your hydration status you may see dramatic effects immediately after your first IV treatment. Once you start receiving regular IV Therapy and your body becomes efficient in maximizing your hydration nutritional balance, results will feel less dramatic.

How Long Do Treatments Take? 2018-02-21T20:53:26+00:00

The IV treatment you choose will determine the duration of your visit. On average drips can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes while NAD+ can last several hours. Boost shots can be completed in minutes.

How Often Can I Receive IV Injections Treatments? 2018-04-27T13:26:27+00:00

Frequency depends on your hydration needs and your choice of IV therapy. Our nursing staff will discuss which options are best: weekly, biweekly or monthly treatments.

Is IV Therapy Safe? 2018-02-21T20:55:11+00:00

Yes! IV therapy is completely safe. Ingredients are provided by reputable and accredited pharmacies and suppliers.

What Is The Difference Between an IV Vitamin Drip, IV Push, and IV Booster Shot? 2018-02-21T20:57:12+00:00

IV is an abbreviation for “intra-venous” fluids, which come in a bag and dripped into a patient. To give an IV Drip, a short, small plastic tube (catheter) is inserted into a vein using a needle that is quickly removed once the plastic tube is advanced into the vein. IV Drips consist of 500-1000 ml of fluid with a mixture of vitamins. The intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids and vitamins throughout the body with 100 % absorption into the bloodstream. IV Drips usually take 45-60 min to infuse. An IV Push is similar to IV Drips in that vitamins are infused directly into the bloodstream via a plastic catheter that is inserted into the vein. IV Pushes concentrate more on high dose vitamins with minimal fluid hydration and take about 2 minutes -15 minutes to administer. A Vitamin Booster is a quick 10-second injection that delivers vitamins intramuscularly. There is no IV access required with vitamin boosters. The dosages of vitamins also differ since the rate of absorption is different with an IV going directly into the bloodstream, and a booster going into the muscle, which allows a smaller amount of volume of vitamins to be injected.

Can Anyone Get an IV or Booster? 2018-02-21T20:58:53+00:00

While the majority of our customers are eligible, Vitamed IV reserves the right to withhold treatment if we feel it would create complications or concerns.

Should I Consult My Doctor First? 2018-05-02T16:43:57+00:00

Our treatments are elective, so it’s not a requirement to have a doctors note prior to treatment. That being said, you are welcome to consult with your primary care physician if you have questions.

Are Vitamed Therapies Covered By Insurance? 2018-02-21T21:07:39+00:00

Unfortunately our treatments are not covered under insurance. We do how ever accept HSA and FSA accounts.

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At VitaMedIV, we believe happiness starts with good health. That’s why we are dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being of every client we treat.

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